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Corporate Events

Are your colleagues competitive, always up for a challenge, well we have the ultimate challenge.
Who is the coolest cat in the room, and who is made of jelly, we shall find out and I think you might be surprised!

Your guests will be given scenarios which they must convince the lie detector are true.
Is supervisor John a part time Rodeo Bull Rider or is Jane on reception really a Catholic Nun?
Will we spot the weaknesses in your answers, only the polygraph machine will know.
Can you get onto the leaderboard as the biggest liar? This is a game where the biggest liar really does win.
Feel the glory as the heckling crowd stands and shouts from the bottom of their lungs
Liar Liar Pants on Fire! YES YES YES you are the biggest liar in town!

Where else would you get the chance to try out a real polygraph machine……

Satisfy your curiosity.

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